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O Mnie

"I thought I made it very clear: as long as you kill her now, I will spare you, to ensure that you can return to Fengguo safely, and no one will pursue anything related to this.". Isn't that a good offer? "Wait!"! You can't do this! Old Lady Kong was in a hurry and said, "She is the murderer!"! She's also a spy for the enemy! How can you just let her go? Don't act foolishly. I won't agree to anything! "Yes, yes, Xuanji Childe, although you." You're very capable, but it's too big for you to hide. Mi Fei Se also earnestly dissuaded. As soon as Wan Xi raised his hand, he stopped the noise of the two of them. Without blinking, he stared at the shadow and said, "You just have to answer, yes or no?" The shadow swayed a few times and could hardly stand. In such a shock, shock, disorder and sensation, there was a very clear, clear and clear applause. Everyone quieted down and looked at the source of the applause, only to see that the person who applauded was Tirou. Sitting on the chair, she has been as aggrieved, frightened and docile as a daughter-in-law. At this moment, she clapped her hands, raised her lips lightly, smiled with three points appreciated with three points, and finally condensed into one point of calmness and ease. That's wonderful. Mr. Xuanji. She said with a smile, "You really deserve to be the first person in the family of commoner judges." "Sister." The shadow called out to her anxiously, waiting to say something. "Don't be silly," she said lightly, waving her hand. Do you think he really doesn't know who the real Sheran is between us? The shadow froze, the old lady Kong froze, Mi Fei Se froze,Ceramic Bobbin, and all the servants of Shen Fu froze. It's not that they don't understand, it's that the situation is changing too fast. Only Mi Yunfeng, clutching his hair painfully, was still kneeling on the ground, but at this moment, no one could look at him. Everyone's eyes were focused on Tirou, and she sat in her chair, as noble as a queen. I think some of you don't quite understand what the whole thing is about, so I'll repeat it from beginning to end. Because I also want to know, which step I did not arrange, unexpectedly let Xuanji Childe see through the answer to the riddle. With a gentle smile, the usual anger and fear of ordinary criminals after being exposed did not appear on her body, which made people feel that she was really a tiger father without a dog daughter, and that his daughter was not inferior. Two countries at war, win or lose this is a common thing, but, my father really died too painful, Shen Mu that shot, penetrated his heart and lungs, he struggled in pain for a whole night, later, it is too painful, and there is no possibility of improvement, I had to kill him, give him a break. Although the soft voice is still so clear and melodious, not mixed with any personal emotions, but these words, still heard everyone moved,


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